Reopening after Covid-19 lockdown

As you know, things are going to be very different after Covid. The safety of patients, staff and everyone’s family is the most important thing.

One of the problems in dentistry is the spray that we use when providing fillings etc.. We will now only be using those sprays when absolutely necessary, but for when we do, we have invested in some new equipment to reduce the level of risk to an absolute minimum;

Vacstations –. You are all used to the small suction tubes in your mouth, we will now also be using a larger version that sits just outside your mouth. This takes away 99.9% of any spray that could escape.

Air purifiers – For that small amount of spray that does get into the surgery air, we will have Air purifiers running all the time. Between patients these will then be turned onto full power and the door closed for 10 minutes to ensure everything is as clean as it can be.

You will also find that screens have been installed in reception and the team look a bit different (it is still us!). Please see the ‘visiting us after Covid-19” page for full details of how your visit will be different from now on.

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