Reopening of Forward Dental Practice

Dear all

As you all know Boris made the announcement last week that dentists could reopen on the 8th June. That was nice of him but there are a few problems;

  • He didn’t consult with dentists or let us know
  • Up until lunchtime Monday 1st June there were no guidelines on safely reopening
  • These new guidelines are a 68-page document, one element of which requires that all masks are fit tested
  • There are no fit testing kits
  • There is an erratic supply of masks all of which need a separate fit test
  • All of the staff are Furloughed and cannot get the practice setup for the 8th (you need to give a week’s notice to come off Furlough, so they cannot start work until this Friday)
  • New Infection control assessments and processes need to be written and actioned
  • New Standard Operating Procedures need to be written and actioned keeping social distancing protocols
  • Etc
  • Etc

There is a lot to do to provide a safe practice for staff and patients, especially as the country is still at level 4 alert. Nobody told Boris this!

I have been working furiously to get things ready however;

  • On the 15th June I will be trained as a fit tester for masks and yesterday I bought one of the last testing kits available in the UK.
  • Throughout June, I have FFP3 respirators arriving for all staff which I will then fit test
  • 2 Large ‘Vacstations’ will be arriving soon, one is already in the building, these reduce spray and contamination when working
  • 4 Air purifiers are arriving soon, to keep the air as clean as possible and reduce the time needed to clean surgeries between patients
  • The practice has been redecorated, plastic screens installed, hand gel stations positioned and lots and lots of yellow tape!
  • All the procedures and risk assessments are well advanced and will be finalised in the next few days
  • Etc
  • Etc

I have invested approaching £10,000 in getting the practice ready and safe.

I know you are all keen to get back to the dentist and we love you for it, but please bear with us while we get everything in order. I hope to start seeing emergency patients from the middle of June and we will be contacting the most urgent patients first in the next few days.

We are in a very good position as a practice and will be able to look after you safely very soon. If you have any problems just let me know on 07777 687031.

All the best, Stay Safe

Clinical Director

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