A crown put simply is a shell of material made by a lab that goes over the remaining tooth. They may be used to strengthen teeth that have had lots of fillings, may be cracked or following Root Canal Treatment. They can also be used to improve aesthetics.

What types of crown are available?

At Forward Dental, we offer three types of crown:

Porcelain only crowns – these are made from 100% reinforced porcelain. They look fantastic but may require tooth removal than some other types of crown so have to be carefully planned.

Porcelain and metal crowns – these are made using a metal core with porcelain fused over the top. They have been used for many years and are proven to have a good life expectancy. The metal base means they can look slightly less natural than the porcelain only versions but their life expectancy and lower proportion of tooth removal means they are still a popular choice.

Gold crowns – these are usually a 60% gold alloy. They require the least amount of tooth removal which makes them less invasive and kinder to the tooth. It all depends how you feel about the appearance.

The process

Normally, a crown can be in place in two visits. During the first appointment we shape the tooth, take impressions and match the colour(s) with photographs and fit a temporary cover/crown. This protects the tooth and allows you to continue using it as normal. The crown is then created by a lab we have used for many years. The second visit is to check the new crown for fit, aesthetics, bite, and if all is well, glue the crown in place.