Root Canal Therapy near Martock

It is the cause of some debate as to what the nerve in the middle of the tooth is for. What is certain though is that it can become inflamed and die off causing pain and abscesses. When this happens some people experience severe pain or swelling, but others feel no pain at all. Once the nerve is damaged there are two options, remove the affected tooth or provide root canal treatment.

The process

The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the inflamed or dead nerve, disinfect the inside of the tooth to eliminate bacteria, and then fill with an inert material that will provide a seal and stop/reduce the spread of bacteria in the future.

Most root canal treatments are provided over two visits. The first to clean the area and to relieve any pain, and the second to fill. Occasionally more visits may be required if things are not settling as we expect.

After Root Canal Treatment a strong filling or crown may be fitted to seal the affected area and reduce the chance of bacteria re-entering the canal system.

The benefits of treatment

As well as relieving your pain, the benefit of Root Canal Treatment is that you retain your tooth. This helps maintain the natural function of your mouth and help protect your other teeth from undue wear. It can also help to retain your natural appearance.