Healthy teeth start with a healthy mouth. Good oral hygiene is a big step towards getting your teeth into good condition and making sure they stay that way as you get older.

The benefits of a good oral hygiene routine are no longer limited to the mouth. Researchers are discovering strong links between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. A clean healthy mouth is now more important than ever.

The hygiene team

The dental hygienists at Forward Dental are a vital part of the team. They work with you, giving you the advice you need to establish a good oral hygiene routine. In addition they will offer advice on the ways in which diet and lifestyle can affect oral health, to help keep plaque at bay and improve the long term outcome for your teeth.

Hygiene treatment

Hygiene treatment is carried out by a dedicated hygiene team in a friendly environment. As well as offering dental advice, they carry out the majority of hygiene treatments. Treatment varies from a regular maintenance clean to keep plaque at bay to an in depth clean aimed at those with more advanced cases of gum disease.